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Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan, who is among the most important names in today's world art, is known for his sensational works. He criticizes sovereign institutions and politics in his work, which he prefers to use a humorous language. One of them is "America" which is discussed in the world agenda recently. İt is unprecedented in history of museological to have a closet made of 18 carat gold which is open for use in the museum exhibited. People can not touch works in general. But here they can stay alone with the artwork. They can even meet their toilet needs if they wish. This situation has given a different meaning to the debate about what the artwork is. Aside from why it is made from gold, why it is exhibited and why it is called "America", this work began to be remembered with the American President Trump at one point and the popularity of the work increased. In this work, the adventure of M. Cattelan's work will be handled and the work will be understood with current, social, economic and cultural developments.

Cattelan, America, Closet, Trump, Dada, Neo Marxism


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