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The greatest responsibility of every nation at any stage is to educate a healthy generation that will continue its business and life. The upbringing of future societies with a mature, intelligent, culturally and spiritually advanced generation is a great duty of the older generation to society. And education of folk traditions is a great way to educate young people as a capable citizen. The Kazakh people are the heirs of spiritual wealth. Ancient ancestors of our ancestors' silver-embossed silver rings, sunglasses, singing songs, prose-proverbs, sermons, and aitys of poetry for many centuries have made their generation eight-sided, mysterious, moral, and noble. bringing up a historical reality. It would be a good idea to educate the future generations of our country, to build on the traditions of our ancestors in their blood and soul, to bring them the most noble qualities of kindness, mercy, humility, courtesy, homeland, land and homeland. Today it is one of the most important tasks of formation of the national education, the best traditions, moral qualities of young people in the age-old, and its rational use. Therefore, the history and prospects of national culture, literature, language, folk pedagogy are related to the education of younger generation in the school. The golden cradle of the upbringing is a family.

national education, globalization, civilization, national values


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