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The theatre represents a life. A basis of a folk theatre - opposition of the beginnings of goods and evil, riches and poverty, love and hatred, work and laziness, an act and punishment. Language of traditional theatre in India and China, In Korea and Japan is thought over up to the smallest details. Art of a make-up and masks, and of suits, poses, movements of all parts of a body, rhythms, diction and intonations are developed so carefully, that makes the partita of performance. Masks - the important component of all cultures allowing the person to present the fear or a deity to be filled with his forces. Therefore masks in all cultures were esteemed as faces, relics. In it mean a mask as the complete image, with special movements corresponding only to it, rhythms and dances differs from the European understanding of a mask. Art of a mask in Europe developed thanking masquerades to customs. The masks used in rituals and masquerades, mean the complete image accompanying with a certain suit, accessories - rattles and a loop, and also special movements corresponding only to these mask, rhythms, dances and music. But the aesthetics of a cinema shows, it is possible to have a conversation at all about though all and submits to laws of prospect and the directed perception. In a cinema the same message can be stated to different words - the staff. Since XVI century, in Ottoman empire special popularity was got with a shadow play ("Black-eyed"), arisen under influence of culture of India and Egypt. The important role in becoming a folk theatre of Azerbaijan dramatized stages widely known in people Have played. In language of cinema, as well as usual language, the metaphor can be understood as change of signs, various on value, but used in identical syntactic contexts. Both in Turkey, and in Azerbaijan the Turkish cinema had the big popularity. Especially, the created roles actress Тoorkan Shoray, a symbol of a turkish cinema of 1950-1970. Jafar Jabbarli - the known Azerbaijan playwright, was considered as a symbol and the founder of school of film-script writers of Azerbaijan at the end of XIX century.

symbols, theatre, a cinema, people, a mask


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