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One of the most important elements of a culture is music. Music undertakes an important task by narrating lifestyles, pains, joys, customs, traditions of individuals living in a culture through the words and tones as well as communicating its educational aspects to the future. The most important means of expression of music are musical instruments. Although bagpipes are very limited in terms of structural sound features and form, it can be said that this instrument is highly recognized in its ethnic areas and has the characteristic of being one of the important cultural heritages that reflect every feature of the regional life style. The fact that there is no published method for bagpipes which are the instruments belonging to the ethnic Laz-Hamsin culture peculiar to the province of Rize in the Eastern Black Sea region in Turkey has encouraged me to carry out this method study. It is aimed to make learning easier by including finger positions and trill positions on the poster that will be prepared besides the method. In this paper, it is also aimed to present technical information about the study being done in the realization of the training method of bagpipes.

Tulum, Bagpipe, Training, Method


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