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The aim of this study is to determine the criminal responsibilities of health workers in the relevant laws on medical malpractice in the health sector and to reveal the factors in the formation of medical malpractice. This study is a descriptive study. With the information obtained as a result of the Turkish Penal Code No. 5237, the Law No. 1219 on the Practice of the Style of Medicine and Medical Arts, the Law No. 1593 on Public Health, the Law on the Turkish Medical Association No. 6023, the Turkish Code of Obligations, the Patient Rights Regulation and literature reviews, the medical malpractice of health workers criminal liability has been compiled. In recent years, serious educational studies have been carried out on the subject of medical malpractice and information activities have been carried out on this subject both to health workers and patients. Especially when the awareness about medical malpractice started to increase in patients and their relatives, serious lawsuits were filed against health personnel due to simple mistakes made. Health workers have to defend themselves in the face of these lawsuits. Because serious steps have not been taken yet on Medical Malpractice in the Turkish Penal Code. For this reason, both the court committee, the patient, the health institution and its employees face some difficulties in this process. In particular, healthcare professionals are faced with a serious lack of knowledge about the criminal liability of medical malpractice. Since the laws regarding the health law in our country are not fully regulated, these cases can only be heard in a lawsuit to be opened due to the fault of the health personnel, according to the provisions of the Turkish Penal Code and the Code of Obligations. These lawsuits are carried out in the form of criminal cases, material and moral compensation cases. Therefore, the litigation process may take longer. For this reason, special arrangements to be made regarding medical malpractice in the field of health law will be important in concluding such cases as soon as possible by ensuring that such cases are handled more objectively in terms of the defendant and the plaintiff. It is necessary to determine the rights and duties of both patients and healthcare professionals by carrying out a study with broad participation by health sector representatives, especially lawyers, in order to overcome this deficiency.

Keywords: Medical Malpractice, physician, Criminal Liability


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