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An Episode Essay on Aziz Nesin's Fairy Tales Written for Adults

Education, in its broadest and most general sense, provides a change in attitudes and behaviors suitable for social life and age in people, whether they are children, young or old (Kavcar, 2017:1). When we evaluate the concept of education in this direction, it can be concluded that education is used to create contemporary behavior and attitude change. As Tahir Alangu points out, Aziz Nesin's "social educationist" aims in the light of his humor and language understanding led him to try "tales for grown-ups" after 1958 (Nesin, 2014:5). The aim of our research is "Rusty Tin in the Treasure", "Jewelry That Evil Cannot Look", "Mr. Ox and Mr. Ahmet" in the book called "One of the Country"; It is aimed to analyze the tales of "Hoptirinam", "Once Upon a Time" and "Fantiko" in the book called "Hoptirinam" as episodes and to give information about the educational aspects of the messages in the tales. Aziz Nesin fulfilled his duty of social guidance with his sense of humor in the tales that he collected in two separate books named "Memleketin Birinde" and "Hoptirinam". It is thought that these two works will be important in terms of examining the messages in the tales in terms of social and educational values, giving information about Aziz Nesin's irony and social point of view.

Aziz Nesin, episode, education, social perspective, fable.


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