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Hybrid works in art have many examples from past to present. Hybridization in poster art has been in question since the first years when posters started to appear. Hybridization in designs can occur in terms of both method and technique. In present study, it is mentioned how graphic design has removed the boundaries between itself and many disciplines since the use of technology in the field of art and how it allows hybrid studies. As it is known, the main purpose of graphic design is to convey an existing idea to the other party in the simplest way. For this reason, graphic design, which updates itself over time, has added motion and sound to its work area and shows itself with effective designs. While technically designs consist of two-dimensional studies for years, they can also be designed in three-dimensional or even four-dimensional forms with hybrid methods. While poster designs are prepared as flat and static, they update themselves with kinetic typography and motion images. Moreover, with hybrid presentations such as augmented reality and virtual reality in current works, designs interact more with people. It is seen that the artists who can think from a hybrid point of view attract more attention and interaction with the hybridity reflected in their designs, and they also reach the intended result in a catchy manner.

Graphic Design, Hybrid, Poster, Digital Hybridity, Augmented Reality


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