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In the development process of art, it is seen that many different artistic styles follow each other. Each movement has been linked to each other in a chain and the way of expression of the artists has been directly affected by the conditions of the period and the cultural background. Contemporary art is undoubtedly completely different from any movement that comes before it. The sharpest point of the break is that the perception of beauty has changed. As a result of this change, a new type of expression that is often difficult to understand, questioning, related to concepts and contexts has emerged. With the transformative power of contemporary art, every object can gain the ability to represent and become a work of art. In this respect, making iconographic analysis in order to better understand the nature of contemporary art requires evaluating the work together with the conditions of the period. In this study, Damien Hirst's new exhibition named "Fact Paintings and Fact Sculptures" has been examined together with the subject of the works, the explicit or hidden meanings of the objects, the past exhibitions of the artist and the similarities of his works with his past works, and the artistic conditions of the period. As a result of the examination, it is seen that the exhibition clearly reflects Hirst's artistic style.

Contemporary art, Damien Hirst, conceptual, iconographic


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