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The success of human beings in realizing their existence in theface of the phenomenon of change in our moving world largely requires the correct, consistent and valid relations. In addition, this success also depends on the interpretation of legal texts in a method. Because legal texts are built not only to solve the problems of the period in which they were built, but also to solve similar problems going forward. Because if there is a legal text somewhere, there is also an interpretation. Because the text gains a timeless identity and vitality through interpretation. But this is not enough. Because the timeless identity and vitality of legal texts is achieved by adhering to the method. Adherence to a method in interpretation avoids subjective understandings and random decisions. This is important because regulations regarding human life cannot be left to subjective understandings and random decisions. In this respect, the objectification and autonomy of the law should be ensured. This can only be achieved by making legal interpretations depending on the method. Objectivity prevents the law from being individualized and autonomy prevents the individual from obeying supra-legal power centers. In fact, the realization of human humanity in the realm of existence largely depends on this.

Fiqh, Human, Law, Text, İnterpretation, Method


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