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In this study, bringing a different perspective to Turkish coffee through an innovative formulation with coconut oil addition was aimed. It is important to create a new and desired taste and a marketable product other than the classical Turkish coffee, by sensorial analysis. For this purpose, after Turkish coffee was prepared in the standard formula, two different percentages of coconut oil (0.2 and 0.4%, by weight) were added to it. Turkish coffees prepared with the addition of coconut oil were presented to 22 untrained panelists for sensory evaluation. The panelists were also asked about their opinions on the product. Compared to Turkish coffee, most panelists noted that Turkish coffee samples with the addition of coconut oil had a pleasant aroma and left a smooth feel in the mouth. In addition, although sugar was not used in the preparation of Turkish coffee samples, most of the panelists mentioned that Turkish coffee samples with coconut oil have a sweeter taste compared to standard Turkish coffee. As a general evaluation of the panel, it was concluded that Turkish coffee samples with the addition of coconut oil were liked; the sample with one percentage was not preferred over the other percentage of coconut oil in formulation, significantly (p<0.05).

Turkish coffee, sensory analysis, coconut oil, flavored coffee


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