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In the analysis of a novel, besides the characters, time, place, and plot of the novel, the existence of elements such as language and style, point of view, the narrator is mentioned. The material elements of the novel are the narrator, point of view, plot, people, time, place, language and style,…; The techniques that make up the technical elements are narration-showing techniques, letter technique, flashback technique,…. Pınar Kür's novel, Sadık Bey, published by Can Publishing in 2016, is the source of this study. While analyzing the Sadık Bey novel, titles such as "the identity of the novel, from the name to the content, persons, time, place, plot, language, and style, dominant point of view, narrator, narration technique" were created; The sections related to these titles were tried to be exemplified from within the book and the study was completed. The study was created with the document analysis method, which includes the analysis of written materials containing information about the case or cases aimed to be investigated (Yıldırım and Şimşek, 2013:217). Documents are important sources of information that should be used effectively in qualitative research (Yıldırım and Şimşek, 2013:218). It is thought that the study will be a source for the researchers who will research novel analysis.

Novel, Pınar Kür, Sadık Bey, material, technique, flashback.


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