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There are many reasons for today’s environmental problems of today, the most important of them are the rise of construction industry based on population growth and and the increase of the waste that is generated by the growth of this sector. In particular, the amount of energy used in the production and application of the materials in constructions is one of the most important causes of the climate crisis that threatens our world. On the other hand, the emergence of designs compatible with nature to reduce the negative impact on nature has brought sustainability to the agenda. Ensuring the effective use of sustainable materials is one of the most important steps in this way. In the context of sustainable materials, stone material, which is frequently used in our traditional architecture has been addressed. Within the scope of this study, modern buildings which include locally sourced stone materials, were examined. The preference of local materials as building materials allows elimination of the energy which is consumed during material transportation and the carbon emission it creates. It is also valuable in terms of efficient use of energy and contributing to the local economy. A literature review has been made on sustainable architecture, sustainable use of materials and stone materials discussed within the scope of the study. According to that; "B2 House" and "Gökçeada High School Campus" buildings were examined in terms of local material usage. These structures are built with the support of the stone material offered by the geography, respectful to the traditional structure, and at the same time accommodating the requirements of modern life. The aim of this study is to reduce the energy consumption by encouraging the use of local materials in buildings in rural areas and to enable these structures to set a precedent for other buildings. With the development of technology, many unsustainable construction methods have emerged. As an alternative to these methods, it is aimed to increase the use of architectural methods compatible with nature. Acting in this direction, sustainability will provide gains in many areas. It is predicted that it will contribute to the local economy as well as adapting to nature.

Sustainable Architecture, Sustainable Material, Local Resource Usage, Local Stone Material Usage.


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