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Characterized as postmodern with a pluralist understanding of art, 1980s adopts an eclectic, figurative approach that carries the traditional to the era. While postmodernism advocates the revival of the past, it also includes elements of current art. Postmodern painting creates an individualist, original understanding of art that does not have a certain form feature, repeats the past, makes use of the possibilities and different materials provided by technology. Postmodernism is an art that advocates figurative understanding. The aim of this research is to examine the artists who stand out with their figurative works and their works in the Postmodern period, when there was a return to the figure after 1970. Understanding and interpreting today's figurative art is important for the art of the future. The research utilizes the survey model and qualitative data analysis method. The sample can be considered as the limitation of the study. Since Sigmar Polke, Philip Guston, Leon Golub, Francesco Clemente, Eric Fischl, David Salle, Susan Charna Rothenberg, Robert H. Colescott, David Hockney, Carlo Marina Mariani and Odd Nerdrum constitutes the sample as the postmodern artists who stand out with their figurative works. Thus, when the practices of these artists investigated, the results show no common forms among their works, and that they work in different styles and versatile values.

Postmodernism, postmodern painting, figüre


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