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Along with the acceleration of globalization, services in the public sector have expanded. Accordingly, one side public institutions and organizations have aimed to provide better quality services to citizens and to use resources the more effectively, effectively and efficiently at the other side. Assessment of the success and failure of organizations in terms of service-resource relationship is made through performance measures. This has increased the importance of performance management in the public sector and has required organizations to invest in increasing amounts of research and resources to measure performance. These studies have led to the emergence and development of strategic performance management that takes into account environmental factors, conducts risk analyzes, presents opportunities and threats, beyond performance measures that take into account whether or not to fulfill the tasks in the legislative process. However, there have been some problems in implementing strategic performance management. These issues have brought about a debate on how better strategic performance management can be. Therefore, this study aims to examine the benefits, boundaries and paradoxes of strategic performance management in the public sector.

Public sector Performance management Strategic performance management


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