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The study, which deals with Instagram as a social media communication tool, deals with the effect of Instagram application on the communication habits of the society. The understanding of communication that develops and changes with the possibilities offered by the Instagram application, and the features offered by Instagram are stated. The study conducted not only provides a communication opportunity, but also conveys the changes caused by the individuals' understanding of communication. The new features added to the application with the developing technology also bring innovations to the communication understanding of the individual. It is questioned whether this understanding of communication, which affects the individual sociologically and psychologically, is actually a communication or non-communication. Millions of people use the Instagram application and many of these people use this application actively every day. The global widespread nature of the practice leads the individual to be in this global world. The individual using Instagram can communicate with his friends and make new friendships. In addition, he can communicate with both his immediate surroundings and the world. Based on the concept of "global village" by McLuhan, we can express it as the Instagram global village and state that the individual is now a member of this village. He communicates with other members of the village by using the hashtags or story effects shared here, or by making various posts. However, while communicating in this global village, the individual may experience various problems such as incomprehension, loneliness, addiction, consumption and lack of communication. In the study, in addition to the communication features provided by the Instagram application, how it causes miscommunication on the individual is examined in detail.

Instagram, communication, consumption society, addiction


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