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The learning style is defined as the permanent quality preferences of the students regarding the perception of information. During the learning process, cognitive knowledge of students is taken with cognitive knowledge. Cognitive knowledge should select the most appropriate learning strategies for students to learn what they can learn and how to learn. For this reason, learning strategies facilitate learning as well as ensure that the newly learned behavior remains permanent. In many studies about learning style, physical, auditory and visual factors were used. The aim of this study is to determine the learning styles of pre-service teachers in terms of different variables. In the study, 2002 learning style inventory en developed by Şimşek (2002) was used as data collection tool. The inventory used measures three learning styles in the form of physical, auditory and visual. There are 16 items related to each learning style. In this study, quantitative research methods were used. The study was carried out on 307 people (Social Sciences Teaching 27, Science Education 28, Mathematics Teaching 32, Computer Education and Instructional Technology Training 32, Painting Teaching 31, Turkish) Teaching 31, Preschool Teacher Education 31, Physical Education Teacher 30, Primary School Teaching 33, Music Teaching 32) in the Eastern Anatolian region in the fall semester of 2018-2019 academic year. Statistical analysis of the data obtained from the scale was performed by using independent groups t test and one-way ANOVA. As a result of the study, statistically significant difference was found in favor of science teacher candidates among the candidates of physical education and science teacher candidates. In terms of gender, it was determined that there was a significant difference in the favorable favor of female teacher candidates. In terms of the department, there is a statistically significant difference in favor of music teacher candidates among the teachers of the music teacher candidates and science teachers.

Learning styles, teacher candidates, department, gender.


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