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Development is not just about increasing output or the amount of per capita income. Development is the improvement of the economic, social and cultural structure in both underdeveloped and developing societies. All countries have implemented different development strategies in order to ensure efficiency in the distribution of resources and to increase investments over the years. Especially in developed Western economies, with balanced development, the increase in welfare, sustainable economic structure, and reduction of poverty rates have also been a model for developing countries at the end of the 20th century. With the establishment of Development Agencies in our country, the center of planned development has moved to the local area. Development Agencies have made great contributions to improving intra-regional and inter-regional income distribution, ensuring coordination between public-private-NGOs and developing project culture at the local level. Investment Support Offices (ISO)- an unit of Development Agencies- continue their operations in Turkey's 81 provinces. ISOs provide investment, promotion, and consultancy services to people who want to invest in their provinces. ISOs play a key role in the development of the provinces with the qualified personnel within its structure. Institutional capacities of ISOs should be developed in order to ensure economic vitality and to improve the investment climate in the province.

Region, Development, Development Agency, Investment Support Office


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