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One of the oldest known textile arts of the Turks Felt is a textile surface obtained by binding keratin-made leather products of animal fibers in such a way that they do not dissolve in the effect of alkaline, moisture, heat, pressure and movement of cover cells. Nowadays, felt has acquired a special place with its usage area and product variety, has been trying to develop its own special features and even works has been done in order to give different features to the felt. In addition, it is known that the felt, which is preferred in terms of its natural properties and benefits, has some negative usage properties. One of them is that the felt is not resistant to moths and is damaged by moths. In the study, some experimental applications were made on felt samples of different structures to protect against moths that cause damage to the natural structure of the felt (wool) and the results were evaluated. Descriptive and experimental research models were used in the research. In the tests performed as a result of the research; It has been observed that a positive significant result (protection level 4) was obtained in the applications performed on experimental samples compared to the control samples. Accordingly it can be said that with the applications made, compressed felts have been given a sufficient level of anti-mulch property according to the conditions of our country.

Mothproofing, felt, finishing operation


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