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estivals have an important place in the formation of national unity and co-existence. One of these holidays is Nevruz. Nevruz is celebrated today in many countries of the world, from the Adriatic to the Great Wall. Some Turkish societies celebrate Nevruz one day on March 21, while others celebrate a week. Nevruz has a great proposition in the creation of national identity consciousness in Turkish society. Nevruz is a name made up of Persian New (Nev) and Day (Ruz). The first day of the new year was called Nevroz or Nevruz. Nevruz is the day of the brief awakening of the sleeping of the underground creatures to spring. Nevruz is a common element found in Turkish and Iranian culture. Despite the fact that Nevruz is a Persian word and Nevruz passes Turks from Persia, this is not true because Nevruz celebrates Nevruz XI. In the Turks who started to be celebrated in Y.Y. It is the spring festival celebrated since the 3rd century.

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