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The presented article is devoted to the study of the stage design of national dances, which is one of the important areas of choreography. The article clarifies a number of issues related to the stage embodiment of the national dance art. Touching upon the issue of nation in choreographic works of art, the author noted that the study of the problem played an important role in the development of this art. Professional dance groups and folk dances play a special role in the stage design, and the names of the leading dancers who developed this art are noted. One of the main features of the stage design of folk dance is the synthesis of professional and non-professional elements. The article emphasizes the aesthetic function of the stage version of folk dances. There are many types of Azerbaijani folk dances in terms of content, style and variety. This is due to the richness of people's artistic thinking and creative imagination. It is this diversity that has led to the development of national choreography with its colorful elements and rich material.

dance, national, choreographer, collective, stage arrangement


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