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Comparison of The D-8 Countries According to the Logistics Performance Index and Place The D-8 Countries Turkey's Foreign Trade

Globalization and the disappearance of the borders between countries, due to the point where technology has reached today, has led to further increase in competition in international trade. The logistics performance and quality of countries has become an important function in this competition in the international market, and the importance of measuring and determining their performances in this field globally in order to increase the quality of logistics services has emerged. In this study, the Logistics Performance Index (LPI) data published by the World Bank, which shows the status of countries in a competitive environment and enables them to compare their logistics performance, is used. Turkey and the D-8 Organization for Economic Cooperation member countries were examined with logistic performance indicators and compared. In addition, organizations that aim to increase economic cooperation and trade among the D-8 member countries examined the relationship between foreign trade and foreign trade volume with Turkey and compared. According to the results of the study, the countries with the best logistics performance among the D-8 countries between 2007-2018, respectively Malaysia, Turkey and Indonesia additionally between the years 2015-2019 in terms of foreign trade volume with Malaysia after the country is the largest foreign trade volume of Turkey. Finally, solutions have been suggested for indicators that countries score low in the logistics performance index.

Logistics, Logistics Performance Index, D-8 Countries, Foreign Trade


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