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Technology transcends today by mobilizing the Educational Technology tool that can be done in an internet-based system smartphone device especially on the current pandemic crisis we are currently experiencing. The Current pandemic brought real-life situation because of the fast increasing of COVID-19 infected. At present we already have 190 infected persons in the province of Zambales. The Researcher will be employing a Learning Management System (LMS) in SMARTPHONE Device, the reason behind this study is its convenience and flexibility wherever you are you can still access the LMS and then receive notifications like the accessible of the students in this type of learning platform as means of flexible learning The features of the Learning Management Systems has a capability to do automated settings of topics, quizzes, and exercises for his class even the assessment methods on the system, even Students were no longer able to start discussions in the target language in online forums nor were they able to use their smartphone devices to access and share resources directly from the classroom (Gabarre, Gabarre, Din, Shah, & Karim, 2013). The Researcher will be conducting a mixed-method research design. Mixed method is a combination of qualitative and quantitative research design to come-up with a multidisciplinary study, (Aramo-Immonen, 2011). A Stratified Questionnaire will be used during the conduct of a study using Google Form, in this approach data retrieval will be easy for the respondents to answer back because answers can be drawn from the online database immediately. After collecting all the data and will be statistically treated using graphical chart and frequency based data analysis approach. Based on the level of profiles of the users mobilizing the Learning Management System using SmartPhone there are 22 respondents coming from different institutions namely: (1) College of Subic Bay Montessori, (2) Central Luzon College of Science and Technology, and (3) Department of Education-Olongapo City with different levels of age ranging from 18 to 46 years old. 95.5 percentages agreed that the Learning Management System fit the requirements of standards and norms of traditional learning in their corresponding institutions and 4.5 percentage do not agree. There are 40.9 degrees of percentage saying that there is a very satisfactory significance on the LMS that responds as a new educational platform amidst the new normal. Based on the above results gathered the Learning Management Systems really imply as effective educational platform on their own institutions

Pandemic, SMARTPHONE Device, Learning Management System


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