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The Relatıonshıp Between Intellectual Capıtal And Competıtıve Performance Of Firms: A Sample Research

The aim of this search is to examine the relationship between intellectual capital and competition. That’s why the companies of organized industrial zones in İstanbul are used. Descriptive and relational survey models were preferred as research. The study was conducted on 143companies total (80midsizeand63large-scale 143 in total).During the analysis process of acquired data Correlation Analysis, Independent-Samples T-Test were applied in terms of deductive statistics. The findings of the analysis can be summed up as following: It is found out that the intellectual capital usage of companies differs in a reasonable way depending on company size, operating period, intellectual capital usage reason .As a result of the study, which was conducted in order to determine whether there is a relationshipolationshipbetweenintellectualcapitalandcompetitionit is foundout that there is a relationship between intellectual capital and competition.

Intellectual Capital, Competition, Performance


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