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Physical environment element surrounding humans when they are first born is atmosphere. All of the characteristics belonging to atmosphere are called climatic elements and their long term behaviours in a specific location ise defined to be climate. Climate might have affected several features and activities of humans like their distribution across the world, their dietary habits, clothes, physiological development, personality and cultures and because of its such diverse effects climate has always attracted people’s attraction. For instance, effect of climate on public health was first mentioned by Hippocrates 2500 years ago (Grene & Depew, 2004) while its economic impacts are mentioned in the holly Quran (in the era of Josepf prophet), ancient Greek tablets, Muqaddimah of Ibn-i Khaldun (Gates, 1967) and in The Spirit of Laws of Montesquieu in Enlightening Age. Climate also shape urban and architectural forms. The first challenges to develop climate-compatible architectural style were witnessed in religious and official buildings of ancient Egypt (Fathy, 1973) while a Roman Age writer Vitruvius (in 30s BC) mentioned about architectural and urban planning forms detailed conveniently to the different climatic characteristics of an extended area from Spain to Middle East, Sahara Desert to Ireland (Olgyay, 1963). Humans first adopting a life style adapted to climatic characteristcs where they live rather than struggled with them, however; with the Industrial Revolution, they began to cause serious deterioration in nature including climate. Aim of the present study is to withdraw specific conclusions by reviewing some examples in literature from Turkey and the world.

urban climate, urban planning, climate change


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