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The aim of this research is to evaluate Bayburt within the scope of urbanization, social and cultural life, economy, epidemics, natural disasters and political life, based on newspaper reports published between 1929 and 1948. In accordance with this, the newspapers Akşam, Hâkimiyeti Milliye, Kurun and Ulus were examined for the research. As the result of the research, it was seen that urbanization in Bayburt accelerated in the first period of the Republic (1929-1948). In economic terms, natural disasters such as hail affected agricultural production in Bayburt city. The fundamental problem in terms of husbandry is animal diseases. Also, the lack of firewood required for bread making and heating was the problem that affected the daily life of the people of Bayburt the most. It was decided to establish a poplar tree plantation facility for the immediate solution of the problem during the period. On the other hand, it has been observed that the Tabriz-Trabzon road and textile are important in terms of commercial and economic life. In addition, in the socio-cultural life in Bayburt, sports clubs such as javelin and skiing and the activities organized by Bayburt Community Center have an important place. On the other hand, political leaders such as İsmet İnönü, Şükrü Kaya Bey, Iranian Shah Rıza Pehlevi and Şükrü Saraçoğlu visited Bayburt during the period.

Bayburt City, newspaper reports, daily life.


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