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Inventions and discoveries throughout the history of mankind have always been made based on a need. The first people started to use gestures and facial expressions to understand each other among themselves, and they made some sounds for different reasons. Later they developed a language that each other could understand. These people who lived together had succeeded in communicating through language and had been able to take the most important step towards becoming a nation. For some reasons that emerged over time (war, marriage, trade, etc.), they made use of translation acquisition to transfer what they expressed in their own mother tongue to people who spoke other languages. Translation is a phenomenon that develops together with multiculturalism. Therefore, we cannot think of translation and multiculturalism separately. When we look at the translation activity, which is an integral part of multiculturalism, we can say that this activity dates back to thousands of years according to written sources. Translation provides communication between societies throughout history and thus acts as a cultural bridge. In order to be able to ensure the cultural bond between Turkey and Georgia, the importance of mutual literary translation cannot be denied. As it is known, there is a centuries-old relationship between the two countries. However, contrary to what is believed, the literary relations between these two friendly nations are based on quite recent times. Literary works translated from Turkish into Georgian are quite more than literary works transferred from Georgian Literature to Turkish Literature. However, we can still say that the translations from Georgian Literature to Turkish have gradually increased recently.

Translation, Literary Relations, Georgia, Turkey


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