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Historical sites, which are an indispensable element of urban identity, remain under the influence of social, cultural and technological changes throughout their time. In this inevitable change, it is of vital importance to transfer the historic fabric to the future without losing its unique qualities. Akçaabat district, which had been the capital of Islamic and Christian societies in history and influenced by the differences in the lifestyles of these societies, is one of the important historical sites of our country. Akçaabat district, whose history dates back to ancient times, is one of the rare districts of the Black Sea, which has been able to transfer many works belonging to the Roman, Byzantine, Komnenos and Ottoman periods from past to the present day. Akçaabat Ortamahalle, which was declared an urban site in 1988 with its original historical surroundings, has been undergone in a process of conservation and regeneration. In this study, sustainable conservation approaches and practices were discussed and the policies on historic environmental conservation of Akçaabat Ortamahalle were questioned. The study consists of findings concerning (I) the examination of the characteristics of Akçaabat Ortamahalle by the expert stakeholders and revealing the current situation, (ii) the themes of conservation, tourism, economic income generation, education and awareness generated through expert interviews. As a result of all the findings, it was concluded that, in order to achieve historic environmental protection successfully, all the stakeholders (expert group, local community etc.) should be actively engaged in the regeneration process of Akçaabat Ortamahalle and conservation awareness should be gained by the individuals from young ages. As a result, proposals were developed both for the regeneration of the Akçaabat Ortamahalle and for the sustainable conservation of all historical sites around the world.

Historic Environment Protection, Urban Site, Akçaabat Ortamahalle, Cultural Heritage


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