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The general purpose of this study is; to determine whether the style of visionary leadership displayed at the organizational dimension has an effect on the organizational support perception. The sub-objectives of the study are; participants' perceptions and sub-components of visionary leadership behaviors; organizational support perceptions and levels of subcomponents, and finally, whether there is interaction between visionary leadership and organizational support perceptions variables. Method: Since it is aimed to determine whether there is an edict between two variables in the scope of the research, a patterned model has been constructed in the form of an interactive model. For this reason, the relationships between visionary leadership and sub-dimensions and organizational support perceptions and sub-dimensions are addressed separately. The study group of the study constitutes a total of 384 teachers working in the educational mosque in Mardin. In order to obtain data in the research, organizational support scale which was developed by Acar (2006) and composed of 40 questionnaires and six sub-dimensions, developed by Derinbay (2011) and composed of 29 questions and 3 sub-dimensions, was used with the "Visionary Leadership Scale". SPSS 21.0 data analysis program was used for the statistical analysis of the data collected. Findings: According to the findings, it was found that there was a moderately positively meaningful relationship between visionary leadership and organizational support perceptions (r =, 279 to r =, 582 intervals). In addition, the instructional support of visionary leadership behaviors as an organizational support sub-dimension is 36.6% [(β =, 366), (p <0.05)] (R2 :, 366; the administrative support was 76.7% [(β =, 767), (p <0.05)] (R2 :, 588; β: 767; p: 000) and finally the justice sub-dimension was 82.9% [(β (P <0.05)] (R2 :, 686; β:, 829; p: 000) in the positive direction. Discussion: In this study, the effects of perceptions of visionary leadership behaviors on perceptions of organizational support were researched as positively anticipated positive perceptions in visionary leadership behaviors and positively affecting perceptions of formal support.

Knowledge Management, Organizational Mastery, Manufacturing Operations


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