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The Relationship Between Economy and Politics from the Perspective of Political Stability: An Analysis of Turkey

The aim of the study is the interaction between economy and politics by considering the political stability in terms of perspective is the analysis Turkey.In geneal, it aims to present its contribution to the economic and political process in a concrete way, based on the positive effectiveness of political stability. In this context, the existence of political stability in Turkey where three periods are analyzed using state analysis. Germany, which succumbly ended two world wars and was subjected to heavy destruction an deven split at end of the war, recovered in 50 years and the economy achieved significant success in politics. However, although not to participate in the second world war, Turkey is unfortunately in the 2000s until it reaches a remarkable success nor the economy could also create apermanent nor political life. Here we can Express the importance of political stability as follows; Despite the blocking effors of many domestic and foreign evil alliances, both internally and externally, in 20 years an deven in no other period of republican history, it has achieved success that cannot be compared to the 80-year period. The first period of political stability was the Demokrat Parti (DP) period, during which Andan Menderes served as prime-minister from 1950-1960. The second period of political stability was Anavatan Partisi (ANAP) period, during which Turgut Özal served as prime-minister in thı 80’s.The last period of political stability is the period of the Adalet ve Kalkınma Partisi (Ak Parti) and the president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan who has been in power fort he almost last twenty years and is stil continc. As a result of these researches and investigations, it has been confirmed that political stability positively effects the relationship between economy and politics.

Politics, Economy, Political Stability, Economic Stability, Political Economy


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