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The purpose of this study is to examine beneficient person which had promised of the great reward in Quran and equipped with the beneficence and the other meaning’s which derived from the (ح س ن) h-s-n root, subjects and areas that passes in Arabic dictionary and definitions in Quran will be examined. Thus, it appears that not only "to bestow" and donate money or goods to the poor are not some of the concepts that derived from this word. Good people, both to God and community quality of self-activity, to do their utmost best and most beautiful to reveal, literally making his work with the best shape of his best is also the aim of man`s world. Because of our specialty our purpose is glossary, so we will work on how linguists give meanings to verses with reference to words without giving more space to commentary sources. We started our research from, "حسن" h-s-n root that derived from the word of the Holy Koran, by determining what form that dealt in. Then, we determined the meanings of these words from 13 Arabic dictionaries. Right after, we tried to make sense of the last sentence in the dictionary with the meaning of the Quran. To detect in which areas are these words used, we first classified these words usage as a verb form and then we categorise noun form usage. Thus it revealed that in Quran the words that derived from the “حسن” h-s-n root passes in 195 locations. The result of the verses has left us; who want to have a good quality of life in world and hereafter, needs to spend his life making people beautiful and quality activities and in doing that he should spend his opportunity to the best as he can. Incorrect choices and erroneous life bill can still be return in this world to him after and even life do not accept the failure and make you pay the price. Sometimes people does not even do what they need to do under the guidance of their nafs. However, they don’t aware that when they escape from their responsibilities they will make theirselves unhappy even in this world. Therefore, person needs to be well behaved to the Allah, to the people around, to the family, relatives and other people of good behavior as well as he also needs to bestowed and show himself pity. Laziness, hedonism and selfishness are the most important obstacle to people in this situation. When person who shouldn’t forget their destiny in the world, find a middle ground, will open the door to the path leading to the beneficience itself.

Hüsn and kubuh (beauty and ugliness), nice and good, beneficience (realise to the best), benefactor (who performs the best), Qur’an


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