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Shopping Channel Contribution to Well-Being: Showrooming and Webrooming Tendency

Technology has changed our shopping habits. It has also changed the way we seek and find the happiness we hope to obtain from our shopping. This process has brought to our lives the "showrooming" which means that individuals make their purchases online after searching for the product in the store and also the "webrooming" concept which means that the purchase from the store after the product is searched online. As well as the motivations affecting these trends, the preferred shopping channel has an effect on the individual's happiness. In this study, the effects of shopping motivations on showrooming and webrooming tendencies and the contribution of these tendencies to individuals' shopping well-being were investigated. The model tested with structural equation analysis showed that shopping motivations had a significant effect on showrooming and webrooming tendencies and showrooming tendency contributed to shopping well-being more than webrooming tendency.

Shopping Motivations, Webrooming, Showrooming, Shopping Well-being


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