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What is war? Why are the concepts of war and justice, often so contradictory to each other, often called together? Can every battle be thoroughly understood? When we look at interstate wars from human conflicts, what kind of relationships are there between war and human nature? How much is it possible to understand war, to survive war? This is the main purpose of our study to be a solution partner to such questions. In this article, the conceptualization of “Hermeneutics of war”, which is not specifically examined in the philosophical and literary literature of our country, will be explained and interpreted through the general philosophy of war in the context of war and justice and an analytical ground will be tried to be formed. In the context of the understanding of war, war hermeneutics will subject the language of war to an interpretation based on explanation. In our work we look at the war, it is a meaning to try to empathize with the philosopher a little war correspondent in the war, to feel the socio-psychological conditions created by the war and afterwards to see the philosophical balance of the war after all, see it by the hermeneutical method and finally to discuss the war and write the philosophy. The conditions of war are inevitable here, all the wars are made to find justice / right, and a battle will be sought to answer questions such as how a philosophical view can be seen from an interdisciplinary point of view. As a result, to understand the war, to understand its causes, its development, its consequences and see the destruction of man and nature in this war phenomenon; justice, and the context of war, the object of the investigation of war.

War, Justice, Hermeneutics of War, Right, Criminal.


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