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Analytical Analsis of E.Hopper’s Night Birds Table by Erwin Panofsky Method
In this study, Erwin Panofsky's 1942 work “night birds” by Edward Hopper was analyzed based on the method of “iconographic and Iconological Art Criticism“. The painting is one of Hopper's most famous paintings, which he used to dramatize daylight, night, or illuminated spaces, highlighting the loneliness of people gathered outside at night and in illuminated spaces. The bright light from above intersects the curving glass of the diner with patterns in the display case as the shadow plays on top of the abandoned pavement. The famous painting reveals a narrative that captures the melancholic romance of city life, which embodies endless possibilities and inevitable failings. The artist's works are inseparable from America's post-war situation, where the country has undergone rapid changes and developed, and where anxiety and disconnection have increased.Hopper considers that his works do more than reflect American aesthetics. They are an expression of the artist's “ inner experience.” The form of research work, compositional, subject, and content, the style of the artist, the symbols used in the era's art movements and by considering the values of the society, especially the works of Panofsky in art education, which is a method used in the study of analysis method we have tried to emphasize the importance of iconographic and chronological.

: E.Hopper, Nighthawks , Ervin Panovski


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