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Alevi means that such as “belonging Ali”, “descendant of Ali”, “follower of Ali” and ”respecting and loving Ali”. Alevilik in Islamic history, means that loving, respecting and belonging Hz. Ali in all situations. In other words, Alevilik means belonging Hz. Ali and the twelve imams who are descendants of the prophet. Due to this, Alevilik is covered by Islam and cannot been thought that is seperated with Islam. Cem ceremony that is one of the most important rituals of Alevi-Bektaşi communities, is a cultural religion ceremony. Cem is a worship that is joined by Alevi community. Cem means mustering and being a community as a word, and is coming from Arabic. Kırklar Cem’i ceremony that is a kind of Cem, is scource of Cem ceremonies. Cem ceremonies are very important for Alevi communities and is base of Alevilik. There isn’t enough information about Cem ceremonies that are worshiped at tradition of Alevi-Bektaşi. Cem ceremonies is worshiped by people called Dede, who is leading the ceremony community and twelve servants. But sometimes, Cem ceremonies can be worshiped also by Anas. The twelve servants are twelve imams, who are descendants of Hz. Ali, and necessarily. Cem ceremonies are arranged for various situations in different period of year. Zakirlik sevice is one of the base ingredients of tradition of Alevi-Bektaşi in twelve services sequence. Zakirlik is serviced by a person as called Zakir. Zakir sits next to Dede during Cem ceremony, and supports him with instrument accompanied breaths. In our study, Cem, Cem ceremonies, Zakirlik, one of the twelve services have been explained in general, and later then Cem ceremony activities in Damal have been explained. For making clear, firstly Cem meaning as a word have been emphasized, and later then developing period of cem ceremony and developed native elements effects on Cem ceremony and activites have been explained.

Bektaşi-Alevi, cem, Damal Alevileri, cem ceremony in Damal, zakir


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