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Printed media is an important course that authors reveal their world of thought. The authors use the newspapers and magazines of the period as a mediate to reveal their world of thought. Peyami Safa who is the one of the literary and journalists of the Republican era, bearing witness to the period as a journalist and man of ideas, has penned articles about issues of concern to the world and Turkey and he has entered into pen fights as political and social messages in his columns with significant names of his period. This study includes the views of Peyami Safa, on which the concept of “Turkish Type Conservatism” is based on and it deals with the ‘’intellectual’’ identity of Peyami Safa who has entered into arguments with the authors such as Nazım Hikmet, Yakup Kadri Karaosmanoğlu, Ahmet Haşim, Necip Fazıl Kısakürek. The aim of the study is to reveal the political and social messages given by the authors who use the printed media as a tool and to shed light on the period with the pen of these intellectuals. In the study, it is analyzed that Peyami Safa's dialogues with the other authors over their columns.

Peyami Safa, Intellectual, Conservatism, Newspaper, Magazine.


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