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From past to present, innumerable massacres and wars has occured in the history. In the later of 20th century, a very bloody genocide has occured in the east of Europe. The tracks of this genocide is still showing itself in Balkans. Bosnian War is the preview of Srebrenica Genocide which caused the death of 8372 Bosnian Muslims. Bosnian War has occured between three ethnic constituents in Yugoslavia geography. This war which ended up with split of Yugoslavia and found of Bosnia and Hercegovina state formed the main center line of this work. In this work, Croatian origin Bosnian writer Zlata Filipoviç’s autobiographical book Zlata’s Diary will be analyzed with an approach imagological and eclectical. This eclectical approach includes the fields as psychoanalysis, history and sociology. How the effects of the Bosnian War on the society, othering between ethnical constituents and the sides which were formed by the war were transferred through the sight of a child will be examined. The only difference between the ethnic constituents which were fought in Bosnian War is their belief forms caused to come off the othering on a large scale. Thus, “other” and “othering” will be examined about the book and the period which has treated and effected in the objective datas.

Bosnian War, Zlata Filipoviç, Zlata’s Diary, Imagology, Othering


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