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Copy On A New Twitch Namah- Ihtilâc-Namah

Twitch namah, also known as ihtilâc-namah; from the head to the feet, respectively, of the body based on the slight movement of various organs and organ parts the desire for the future is the common name given to the works made in the forecasts and provisions. These works are considered a kind of fortune telling and comment books. The number of copies at home and abroad that we can determine is more than eighty. In this study, a new text of twitch namah, whose author and the date of spelling is unknown, will be introduced. Prose twitch namah titled Hazâ Kitâb-ı İhtilâc-nâme Budur, the head and the last leaves are in a missing magazine. The text contains comments on 161 organs, with this aspect, it is one of the most voluminous examples in Turkish literature. In the work that we thought might have been written in the 17th century, the language and spelling characteristics of Old Anatolian Turkish period are also outstanding. In our study; introducing and examining the twitch namah, its comparison with the other twitch namahs and its transcriptional transfer will be done. The original text of the text will also be included in the last section. It is expected to contribute to new studies to be made in the future by revealing and examining this twitch namah registered in our personal library.

twitch namah, ihtilâc-namah, fal, organ, publication of text.


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