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Islamic civilization, one of the most important achievements of humanity, continues to exist through various stages including birth, development, ascension, pause and new pursuits. The first period of Islamic Civilization, which emerged with the birth of Islam, VII. from the beginning of the century –VIII. it is considered to be the process of Nativity until the middle.     At this stage, Islam first spread to the Arabian Peninsula and during the four caliphs that followed, most of them through conquests carried out through peace. The peoples of the conquered regions were greatly influenced by this new civilization by accepting Islam. Those who remained in their former religion also continued to exist, having religious freedom and legal autonomy. Islamic Civilization, beginning in the era of the Rashid caliphs conquests, Middle East Iran and North Africa, the period of the Umayyad expanded even further and spread rapidly to the Caucasus. The Abbasids made a great contribution to the Islamic Civilization by showing their presence in the Islamic lands which had expanded their borders in the period.

The aim of this study is to explain the development and rise stages of Islamic civilization throughout the history process to the people living in the geography of Russia. It is also to reveal that, just as every civilization has its own basic qualities, Islamic civilization has its unique place in the history of the world.



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