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Consepts Of Education And Teaching

The concepts of education and training are frequently used. When the meaning of these concepts is investigated, it is seen that not everyone understands the same thing. This situation is inconvenient in terms of communication. If the meanings given to the concepts are not the same, healthy communication cannot be established. So it is important to determine the meaning of these two concepts and to point out the difference between them. The concept of education is used in various meanings. The multidimensional nature of the educational activity and the point of view of the defining person reveal different definitions. While defining the concept of education, some emphasize the process, others emphasize the activity and others emphasize the outcome. The word education derives from the verb “bending”. Bending means moving something to another place. So education refers to a change or an effort to change. In daily use, education refers to changes in behavior, teaching refers to the increase of knowledge. Especially people who want to explain that it is not enough to give information about morality issues and that behavior change should be provided, say, “We are always dealing with education whereas education is important.”. This statement is meaningless considering the academic uses of the concepts. In Turkey, the generally accepted definition of education is: "the individual's desired behavior and deliberately change their lives through making process is occurring." Education has cognitive, affective and behavioral dimensions. On the other hand, teaching is the act of passing the individual through experiences that will cause a certain behavior change. In this case, teaching is part of the educational process. In other words, the education process consists of many teaching activities.

Education, Teaching, Formal Education, Informal Education


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