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Nowadays, thanks to the rapidly developing communication technologies, it is possible to reach and communicate information, documents, people, organizations with the touch of a keyboard without the concept of time and space from anywhere in the world by using internet technology that connects millions of people with a common network. As a result of the advanced technologies of the 21st century, the digital age has transformed corporate websites into a gateway to the world; In addition to being at a high level of usability, the website should be able to provide continuous flow of information to the people with its visual designs that reflect the corporate identity and thus reflect the corporate identity, and satisfy the expectations of people to reach information. In this context, the official website of the university, multi-language support, student support line, the activity of departments and programs, candidate student platform, academic achievement announcements, content adequacy, campus life and city life information, graduate portal usability as well as graphic design in the context of corporate color, photography and the use of video, event calendar, timeliness, layout, simplicity, quality and quantity of individuals to meet the needs of the website use. In this research, the official websites of 70 public and private universities of domestic and foreign origin were examined, personal evaluation was made according to 16 different elements and comparative results were tried to be reached according to the average grades obtained from the evaluation results.

Website, graphic design, visual design.


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