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Religion and Sufism are among the main sources of classical Turkish literature. The lives and miracles of the prophet, which we can evaluate under this title, are among the materials that feed the imagination of the poets. One of the prophets that are the subject of poetry in life and miracles in classical Turkish literature is Hz. Moses. His miracles such as being left to the Nile, his shepherd, the events he experienced on Tur Mountain, his wand and tongue splitting with his tongue, are used as poetry or prayer elements in poetry. The subject of this study is a short story about the death of Hz. Moses. This short story is recorded in the last part of the manuscript of the 15th century artist Ahmed-i Dâ’î's Kitâbü’t-Ta’bîr-nâme Translation in Süleymaniye Library Hekimoğlu Ali Paşa collection. The story consists of the arrival of the Azrael shortly before the passing of Hz. Moses, saying goodbye to Hz. Moses' mother and wife, and talking to the Azrael. In our study, firstly we will give information about the historical personality of Hz. Moses, then we will try to examine the short story in various aspects and introduce it to the realm of science by giving its transcribed text.

Ahmed-i Dâ’î, Hz. Musa, classical Turkish literature


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