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Curricula are not only the indicator of the change and development of countries but also an important bridge enabling these developments. Thus, it is inevitable for curricula to be evaluated and improved in accordance with the feedback. Evaluating English Curriculum for elementary schools is essential because English is widely spoken and essential for pupils to acquire that language. Identifying and studying the research will enable curriculum experts and practitioners to evaluate the curriculum and to make a general evaluation. The aim of this study is to examine and evaluate the theses related to English curriculum for elementary schools. This study includes 12 theses on English Curriculum of Primary Schools with quantitative and qualitative methods published at Council of Higher Education Thesis Center. The findings were evaluated through meta-synthesis method. The aim of the study and research questions were expressed clearly in order to ensure the validity and realibility of the study. The data were examined in terms of objectives, sample groups, methods, data collection instruments results. According to the findings, the aims focused mostly on the effectiveness of the program, mostly the teachers were selected as a sample group, Mixed methods were preferred. The results comprise largely of inadequency of the books, lesson hours and guide books; the necesssity to provide teachers with in-service trainings and tto give more detailed explanations regarding the evaluation element of the program. I was concluded that the teachers participating in the study had positive opinions for the curriculum, that The curriculum couldn’ meet the needs of the students at different levels and the methods and techniques were not suitable for the students. The inefficacy psyhical qualities of the classrooms and the number of students were not suitable for Communicative Language Approach

Curriculum, Program evaulation, Meta-synthesis


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