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Animal-human unity maintains and maintains its existence by changing the dimension and quality from the primitive times to the present based on religious, economic and social gains. In this process, the meanings attributed to the animal, the definitions made, the attitude towards it and the point of view have become the determinant. For this reason, animals have sometimes become a prey to sustain human life, sometimes a mythological wife, a sacred force with religious concerns, and sometimes a friend or treatment. Throughout the history of the civilizations, mankind, which is an association with animals for protection, nutrition and utilization of labor, has benefited from many aspects such as economics, medicine and industry in the course of time and adopted animal breeding. Interest in animal behavior in the animal breeding activity of humans has started with the transition to agricultural society. In primitive times, human-animal associations maintained for hunting and protection from predators have gained a different dimension in the course of time with domestication. With the domesticization, many animals have been actively involved in human life and become available. This led to human-animal interaction. Among domesticated animals, dogs have an important place, especially because they have similar characteristics to humans, like other animals, charitable, empathic and very good friends. In this research, the history of gaze to animals is discussed, human-animal coexistence is discussed, domestic animals are covered with peanuts, and the positive effects of animal nutrition on human health are examined in the light of literature.

Human-animal relationships, pets, dogs, animal-assisted therapy.


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