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Proverbs are concise words that cost society. Proverbs are stereotyped expressions which are guiding, rational and advising with changes in form and structure from society to society. Women are also the most important part of society and family. A woman is a mother, love, labor, educator, guide. For these reasons, women are important. In addition, positive and negative proverbs about women indicate the past and accumulation of the society. Women's well-being gives peace to the family and confidence in society. Children raised in this family also affect the future of the country. In this study, it was tried to determine the place and role of women in Kazakh society by using the Kazakh proverbs about women. Based on the findings, inferences were made. In addition, the proverb of the Kazakh Turks corresponds extensively. In the conclusion part, the original synthesis extracted from the data obtained in the study is revealed.

Proverbs, Kazakh Proverbs, Women in Proverbs, Kazakh Turkish.


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