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Tur Abdin region has the characteristics of being a geography where Christian faith developed and spread. The region has been home to monasteries where Christian theology and its basic doctrines were systematically studied and taught within the framework of a program. The monastery structures, which first developed around a secluded monk and then became a systematic institution, are quite important in terms of reflecting the basic character of the Christian religious architecture of Tur Abdin region. These structures belonging to Assyrian religious architecture give us the necessary clues about the religious architecture of the region. Tur Abdin continues to maintain its importance nowadays as it was in the past with its location and the examples of Christian religious architecture it contains. Monasteries were usually built in the regions that are far away from settlements and are more difficult to reach. Similarly, most of the monasteries in the Tur Abdin region were also built in the areas that are far away from settlements. These institutions, which developed around the clergymen who preferred an ascetic life and accordingly maintained their life, were basic building blocks in terms of Christian faith. The fact that some of the monasteries in the Tur Abdin region have survived to the present day in terms of general structure gives us very concrete ideas for a better understanding of the subject. The monastery tradition began to be published in the region in the early history and has evolved over time and has become a comprehensive institution. Tur Abdin is a region rich in Christian religious architecture. It is spread over a wide area, especially Midyat District, which is located in a central location in the region. In these monastery structures belonging to Syriacs, the basic principles and religious principles of Christian faith are taught within the framework of a certain system. After giving general information about Tur Abdin region, brief information will be given about the establishment and development stages of these examples of religious architecture that constitute our research subject and significantly contribute to the development and spread of Christianity in the region. In the final stage, it is aimed to make a general evaluation about the plan and architectural features of the monasteries in the region.

Tur Abdin, Asceticism, Seclusiveness, Christian Monasteries


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