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In the search, the reflections of the relationship between the aesthetic-the art education of the Middle Ages were tackled. These reflections; purposed to reveal that affect in what way to art, how dominated to the art world and how play a role in shaping of art education. For this reason, it was purposed investigation the place of art in art education by taking into consideration the art concepts of that period. In the relationship between art-education and thought is seen the effects of Antiquity alongside of religous understanding in the Middle Age. The views about the first art and education revealing in Antiquity are fundamental concrete and abstract. In addition to the emergence of abstract understanding with Socrates and his students, the dawn of academy was realized the transfer of art with scientific understanding, the need for development, teaching and transfer has been realized with necessity scientific understanding, transfer of art, art development and teaching together with Aristotle. Art has been used as an instrument of education. The Middle Age thought, art understanding and education did not deny the world of Antiquity. It is understood that art and education are used as tools in the service of religion by showing that Middle Age Christianity and beauty perception should be in the direction that God wants. The guilds were institutions that influenced the understanding of beauty in the Middle Age. It was contributed in the master-apprentice relationship by providing the transfer of the beauty of art based on religion. Towards the end of the Middle Age, the emergence of concepts such as observation, research and talent started to show itself the Renaissance's human-centered art and education apprehension.

Art, Education, Art Education, Middle Age.


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