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The end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century are very important periods in the political and social life of the Turkish Muslim community. In this period, westernization and western influences influenced Azerbaijan in the Ottoman state and the Russian tsarist. People began to think about the difference of culture, thought and life between the West and the East. There were those who advocated Westernization or those who wanted to preserve eastern cultures, as well as those who accepted the synthesis of both cultures as a way of life. "The question of maintaining the basic moral values of Turkish society has become an important issue, even in the eyes of the fiery westerners who have revealed the virtues of European civilization to the heavens. In this respect, while the first Turkish Roma reflects a wide range of attitudes towards westernization, the intelligentsia also shows that they are also obsessed with problems related to social change. On the one hand, ironically, as a literary genre imported from the West, the novel was used as a means to propagate the Western viewpoint while it was introduced as a means of documenting the undesirable aspects of Western influence on Turkish society "(Evin, 2004, p. 105). In this article, two separate geographical places where the Muslim Turkish community lives; We will compare the 'Fly Grocery' and 'Ali and Nino' novels in the Ottoman state and in Azerbaijan, which are related to the Western-Oriental relationship in the context of the political events that took place in the same period

Ali and Nino, Fly Grocery, Westernization,


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