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Nowadays is the study of the change of the ontogeny of plants that grows in different plant associations as well as in forest, steppe and meadow habitats is the the widespread. Determining the peculiarities of many European species of plant species has revealed the patterns of formation of the basic concepts and principles of populations of ontogenetics [1,2]. Recently, data on the age and stages of the vegetation population have been accumulated, but these are typical for plants that live in the flat region Because of the lack of information about the ontogeny of plants and the age structure of the population, the ontogenesis of the Northern Tien - Shan species is one of the topical theoretical goals of the botanic industry. It is well-known in the study of the individual phases of the ontogenesis that the forms of life-forms of plants are subject to change, which is the result of monopodial growth of the plant [3,4]. The Lily family Liliaceae Lindl , Phlomoides L. genus , Phlomoides oreophila - the plant is spread in the Asian continent. There are about 100 species of this kind. There are 49 species in the Soviet Union, most of them in Central Asia (37), including 30 endemic, the other in the European part of the USSR, in the Caucasus, in Western Siberia and in the Far East. In West Siberia, Altai, Central Asia: Dzungar - Tarbagatai, Pamir - Altay, Tien - Shan Mountains are commonly found in woodland - forest belts to subalpine belts. In Kazakhstan: Zaisan, Altai, Tarbagatai, Dzungarian Alatau and Ili, Keginii Alatau and Ketpen, and forest belts of Terskei Alatau, are widely spread to the slopes of meadow and meadow slopes [5,6].

ontogeny, monopodial development


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