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The Madrasa education system started to decline in the 16th century like the other organizations of the Ottoman Empire. One of the major problems of Ottoman Madrasas, was that they bring the children of Scholars family called "Mollazade" to bring İlmiye authorities with privileges. Especially those whose names are written (ruznamçe) of holding and bribery of judges engaged’ Qadhi’, less courses of education in the Madrasa education curriculum than in the first semester, increasing the number of students by employment area and increasing demand for jobs. All these problems led to a decrease in scientific performance and productivity in the Madrasa and cosequently a decline in education ocurred. Although These regressions and complaints were subject to constant complaints, there was no improvement in the system of education in the Madrasa. The Madrasa rehabilition of the Ottoman State, which was only recently implemented, has been short-lived. In the second constitutional period, the long-awaited Madrasah rebellion was realized by the Sheikhulislam Musa Kazim Efendi and Sheikhulislam Hayri Efendi innovations have been realized by gathering the Madrasas in Istanbul under a roof and putting the positive sciences into the curriculum. The Madrasa closure decision was taken in 1924. Before the expected results of the Madrasa, it was closed throughout Turkey

Education, Madrasa of Ottoman, recession in Medrese, problems of madrasa, reform.


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