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In this article questions of national education mentioned in information documents after coming to power of “Unity and Development” party are offered for consideration. Thoughts of all-round development of national education are expressed in many newspaper articles and brochures and the reasons of extension of this idea among the people are specified. As the main weapon of all-round development the idea of national education had wide circulation among Turkic elite, materials that the government of Young Turks was engaged in development of elementary and incomplete high schools are given. In 1910 the committee was set up to revise the programs of this level. Idadie schools lacked qualified teachers as elementary schools. In other words, although the school programs in Turkey began to break through traditional Muslim schools, the staff shortage was obvious. Opening of lyceums on the basis of Idadie schools were put in hand in a number of major cities, in the provincial centers. One of the events that took place after the 1908 revolutionary was school work, the success of teaching girls. Bearing in mind that before the Revolution, Muslim girls were entitled to primary education, it would be clear that the reform of women was focused on a radical solution. Reforms of the Young Turks government in education also covered the university industry. After the revolution, a new program of universities faculties was developed and supplemented with new disciplines that would enhance the qualification of the curriculum. During the post-revolutionary period, universities began sending their students to study in Europe. Thus, after 1908, the staff of the school system began to pay more attention to staffing. Opening of a number of pedagogical educational institutions in Istanbul has considerably solved the problem of personnel deficit in schools of new type.

Turkey, revolution of Young Turks


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